Full Payroll Process Outsourcing   (Process Flow)

We will process your payroll within the given lead time. We can process your payroll the same day upon receipt of your payroll data. Print your payslips before the pay out date and prepare all your government remittances on time.

iPayroll Outsourcing

You can purchase iPayroll  at an affordable price. iPayroll will be fully customized based on your needs and business flow. While iPayroll Lite, although it is WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get), it has almost if not all the features of iPayroll, only it will not be as customized the way as you want it to be.

iPayroll and iPayroll Lite Rental

You can avail of our iPayroll and iPayroll Lite through system rental with a minimum of two (2) years lock in period and renewable upon your request. It entitles you from updates on government mandated reports, free technical support for the duration of two (2) years.  System and data backup on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Rent to Own iPayroll and iPayroll Lite

The second best way to own our iPayroll is through rent to own. You can rent to own iPayroll or iPayroll Lite for a period of two (2) years for an affordable price. You can enjoy free updates on government mandated reports and free technical support for six (6) months and system and data backup on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Note: You may ask for a quotation that will best fit your company at sales@aavienterprise.com.ph