AAVI Enterprise was formed when group of professionals in their field of expertise gathered together and formed a formidable lineup. The people behind the company have been providing business solutions since 2007. Due to the demands in the market, these young professionals formally formed AAVI Enterprise to meet market requirements. Then the tagline was born "Your REQUIREMENTS is our Business".  The company is in full operation with the people that grew steadily by applying their acquired expertise and bringing together the brand, technology and strategy.

Our ambition is to become a company that will cater every business requirements and meet them right. This ambition is directly supported by our brand and technology strategy. As we define our category & positioning within business requirements from our clients, and that differentiate us from our competitors.

Our Core Values:
The outcome is on us, that's "Accountability". The first value we take not for granted. We take full accountability of our services and not passing it to others. Our customer lay down their requirements, we will provide the requirements and we will deliver what is promised to be delivered.

We make business with client transparently and with integrity, this is one value we are taking highly, TRUST.

We foster a can-do attitude and a healthy team spirit. We believe in being of service to clients. Together, we work to understand their businesses. We anticipate their needs and expectations in order to develop a mutual, long-term partnership. Pro-active, we respond quickly, provide solutions and seek feedback.

Operational competitiveness
We wholeheartedly believe in operational competitiveness. We strive daily to add value and achieve excellence. We do so by being agile, flexible and pro-active, continuously looking for ways to do things better, faster, cheaper and stronger.